Monday, May 09, 2005

The Shout Outs

I'd like to send the following shout outs out...

*To Antoy Bell for passing the Bar on the first attempt.
*To the Dallas Mavs for winning their first round series and winning by 40 at home for the home team.
*To Calvin Smith for introducing blogging to me.
*To my parents for being the best people...period.
*To Alanis Morrisette for 'Jagged Little Pill'
*To all 2005 graduates
*To my sister Marjon for graduating from Brown on time, and with a greater sense of self.
*To VH1 Soul for keeping it real.
*To George Peters, a rising star.
*To Benny for his faith.
*To Tower Records for always having what I'm looking for.
*To all of my little brothers at the House for repping harder than humanly possible.
*To Dewey for kickin' tail and winning it all.
*To JC for making me laugh.
*To Spence for being himself.
*To Destiny's Child for the songs 'Cater' and 'Girl'
*To Bryan Barber for the video to 'Girl'
*To Amerie and Eve for the video to '1 Thing'
*To Dr. Tobe Johnson for noting that 'any wayfaring fool can put anything on the internet...'
*To Chris Lee for being a statesman.
*To Aubrey for thinking he got away with it all.
*To 112 for keeping it going and for the song, 'Smile'
*To Morehouse...for everything
*To Antioch Baptist Church North for not letting me down
*To my parents for all of the love and support
*To Faraji, Toy, Corey and Cash for the vision, support and love
*To Scoop for all his new horizons
*To old friends and new ones
*To the class of 2000 of Morehouse and Spelman Colleges
*To Travis Harry for always having my back
*To Sweetwater Creek
*To Ray Charles for Modern Sounds in Country and Western
*To Clear Channel for my job.
*To the Beatles for 7th grade
*To the Beatles and Run DMC for 8th grade
*To Public Enemy, NWA and Harry Connick for 9th grade
*To Public Enemy, Harry Connick and Troop for 10th grade
*To Nat Cole, Harry Connick, Boyz II Men and Jodeci for 11th grade
*To Diggable Planets, Das EFX, Dr. Dre and Snoop for 12th grade
*To Sinatra for obvious reasons.
*To John Cox for always knowing what to say
*To B Font for the conversations and the brotherhood
*To Josh Harris for being a true friend, husband and father
*To Dallas
*To Larry David for 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
*To Jordan Carlos for being a true success...
*To Joi for showing me how to get 'A Different World' on DVD among other things.
*To the Bullie Corp. for the great face products
*To Joao and Astrud Gilberto for 'Quiet Nights'

More to come...


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