Thursday, May 18, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

My beloved Dallas Mavericks, 67 wins and all, lost tonight by one point to the San Antonio Spurs in San Antonio. Listed below are my thoughts and reflections on the game as well as things that I learned watching games 4 and 5.

*Avery Johnson, with just under 100 games under his belt, is outcoaching Greg Popovich...and NO ONE IS MENTIONING IT. Why is that? And no, the Coach of the Year trophy is not enough. That's a great angle that a former player is outcoaching his former coach...hmm, I guess it's not popular at TNT or anywhere else I've been reading. Once again, why is that?

*The only person who can stop Tim Duncan, is Tim Duncan.

*However, I don't like Tim Duncan. I didn't like him at Wake, I like Randolph Childress instead. I didn't like him in SA, I liked Robinson. But more importantly, I don't like him now. He's a whiny one too. But then again, so is Dirk, and the whole NBA. According to the players, they are fouled on every play...which is probably true.

*Manu Ginobli flops around...A LOT. But he's also an amazing player. This duality makes him difficult to watch.

*Bruce Bowen is whiny. He cries and makes faces the whole game. He reminds me of co-eds from college when they didn't get their way in homecoming meetings. Here's a tip Mr. Bowen, close your mouth. It is in poor taste to constantly be whining and bemoaning each and every play. You must get tired of doing that. To his credit, he at least acted as though he'd been there before after tying up Dirk late in the game.

*Dirk Nowitzki gets a lot of calls. Facts are facts. He's first team all-NBA though so...

*The Mavs overall did not play well in Game 5, and still only lost by one point. Only Nowitzki played well consistently tonight. Terry never got going, nor did Stackhouse or Harris. They played well enough, but they never played well consistently, nor did they get in any semblance of a rhthym, and thus they lost the one point.

*In Game 5, the Spurs had done enough collective whining to limit Dallas's trips to the line.

*Dallas should've worn green tonight. They probably would've won.

*Steve Kerr is a pathetic announcer. His analysis is sub-par at best, and his observations are of the most obvious things that anyone with some working knowledge of a game called basketball, can see. He also used several points that Kobe Bryant made about the Spurs during halftime. Oh yeah, and Kerr is a bit of a homer. He was visibly smiling when the Spurs won tonight. I have two words for him...Tommy Heinson. Heinson used to call games for CBS way back when, and was a former Celtic player and coach. His bias was so obvious that as a young 9-12 year old I was annoyed to apopletic proportions.

*Finley still has a little left in the tank. However, he NEVER hits the big shot in the BIG game. That was the problem with him in the first place. For all of his ability and greatness, when the game is on the line, Mike disappears.

*Dallas will win the series. Even when we played horribly, we still only lost by one, and San Antonio was scrapping like crazy just to stay in it.

From Dick Motta, Norm Sonju and Don Carter...from Jay Vincent, Brad Davis and Mark Aguirre...from Derek Harper, Ro Blackman, Sam Perkins, Detlef Schrempf, Roy Tarpley and James Donaldson...from Jimmy Jackson, Jason Kidd and Jamal Mashburn...from Michael Finley, Steve Nash, Dennis Rodman and Dirk Nowitzki...from Marc Cuban...from Green to Blue...from Reunion to the AAC...I've been a Mavs fan. From Lower Level, Section 116, Row 2, seats 4,5,6,7...I've been a fan.

I'm so tired of the trite...WE/I BELIEVE. I'm changing that slogan to "WE/I KNOW."

I'm Joe and that's how I see it.


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At Thursday, May 18, 2006 6:33:00 PM , Blogger armchair soulbrotha said...

as a former denizen of a town a little farther down on i-35, i am, unlike you happy that the spurs one. i do agree with you, however, on the point that they will probably lose this series. they aren't playing to their full (albeit apparently whiny) potential.
-a spurs supporter


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