Wednesday, December 11, 2002

I Believe

In a woman's right to choose.
Tobe Johnson is the greatest educator in the world.
Oswald did not act alone.
The Cowboys will rise again.
The South won't.
It's never as good as the first time.
They always come back.
Sinatra is smiling from up there.
Bush will win again.
Bill should run in 2006.
We're going to do everything we've planned.
My children will be greater than me.
Favre should be appreciated more.
Emmitt should retire...on top, and as a Cowboy.
The Mavs will win the NBA Championship.
In Vick.
Dean Martin was still the coolest.
I miss Faraji and trips to Lenox.
In my family.
Spike knows how much we appreciate him.
JFK would've done more, given time.
Emory should only be a grad school.
Michael Douglass has never made a bad career choice.
Eddie Murphy has.
Belushi would've done more too, given time.
The Larry Sanders Show is comedy genius.
Inside the Actor's Studio is now watered-down.
A pimp's love is different than a square's love.
The first semester sophomore rule is a good one.
The second semester senior rule is not.
Beth gets me.
Drew Hall was a great experience.
A man should always eat.
The 145 will go down as the most legendary home ever.
I'll be married in two years.
God will give me sons.
Eaglin will do much good.
The Pentagon was a clinic in sound choices.
Lo will win.
Wu will too.
I will never leave Downtown Decatur.
In the end, we will always win.
A Different World is the greatest sitcom ever.
It's okay to think that way about Marisa Tomei.
Conan is still just for smart college kids.
I miss the Monks.
The Triplex was better when we were in it.
The Tiger will be left in good hands.
2003 will be very good to me.
Graduation will be exactly what I expected.
I'll tell her, soon.
My sister and brother will do amazing things.
I miss Cecil, Shrek, Luc and Wiz.
The Syndicate threw better Hard Rock parties than ANYONE else.
You'll never have a friend like me.
Never have so few done so much with so little.

I'm Joe, and that's how I see it...


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