Sunday, September 11, 2005

On a Saturday in September

On a Saturday in September

The lights were glaring,
the mood was right.
There was quite a bit of scarlet
in the Horseshoe that night.
AJ Hawk, Schlegel and Carpenter played,
and it was Vince and the Longhorns that they tried to slay.
Early on the visitors in burnt orange and white,
Scampered to an early lead with all of their might.
But eventually, the home team rose like cream,
And it became the kind of game that one only could dream.
Tied at ten, and then the Bucks went up by six,
AJ and the boys soon slowed down Vince and dispensed vicious licks.
But the Horns were astute, and saved their time outs,
And when they cut the defecit to three,
Their faithful began to shout...
"Texas, Our Texas All Hail the Mighty State"
This was one helluva game being played on this date.
And as Vince came out for the second half,
There were new plans coming from OSU's defensive staff.
Turnovers accounted for Ohio State's lead,
And before you knew it,
Texas had given it away, and from their mouths, started to bleed.
But OSU couldn't get more than 3 at a time,
And the Texas D was catching them left and right on a dime.
The Buckeye linebackers were brilliant and fast,
And very reminiscent of Buckeyes from the past.
On the same day when Michigan and Iowa fell,
OSU couldn't fully draw Texas under its spell.
And the Horns hung on,
While Vince kept trying,
And when I looked up,
the Horns were close to tying.
But in the same time it took to scan and read,
Vince lofted a pass
To Limas Sweed.
Just like that, the Horns were up again.
Under review, the officials agreed,
And Vince, Mack and the Horns scored 23.
Ahead by one, they nervously kicked off.
A fumble on the return, but that was called off.
Then Zwick rolled left, and fumbled the ball,
#39 from Texas picked it up and ran tall.
As Texas rejoiced and the game looked in hand,
Several delicious seconds ticked away,
As a quiet took over the stands.
Texas failed to score, on a showboating play.
But quickly made up for it, the 2-point way.
And with the safety moving the Horns lead firmly to three,
It was obvious to a nation, to believe in V.
Carpenter said before the game,
That Vince wouldn't leave with the same fame.
And he was right, for his fame changed,
From a candidate, to a frontrunner in the Heisman game.
And Texas is #2, and OSU will fall,
But we will always remember this game in early fall.
As one of the greatest ever.
Oh Mack Brown was clever,
The day he started Vince over Mock,
And he had to be thinking about that as the time slipped from the
From the polls OSU will be falling,
And their fans excuses will be apalling.
Now the Horns will be media darlings,
And from all over the country SI, ESPN and Fox will be calling.
And the Horns will be bigger than sliced bread,
But thoughts of OU should be on their minds instead.
So for this Texas fan,
Pure bliss is my feeling...
For we charged into to Columbus, own the place,
and left the Buckeyes reeling.

- Joseph S. Carlos


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