Thursday, January 12, 2006

123 Reasons Why I Love Atlanta Right Now

My dear friend Geoff Bennett sent me this link ( and suggested I do something similar. Here it is feeble attempt.

1. Because every day is an 'Opening Day' is the dumbest slogan ever, but brazenly Atlanta pushes on with it.
2. Because the Hawks are abysmal, but people still go to the games.
3. Because of the inevitable traffic on Peachtree, Piedmont, West Peachtree and Spring St. starting each day at 3:30.
4. Because of all of the celebrities that Atlanta claims that NEVER come back here to live. (Julia Roberts, Dakota Fanning, Ryan Seacrest)
5. Because there are over 6000 Waffle House restaurants.
6. Because Inside the Perimeter v. Outside the Perimeter really matters.
7. Because MARTA has delays and it only goes in four directions.
8. Because of Piedmont Park.
9. Because it was 70 degrees today (January 12th)
10. Because if you want to see an independent movie, you can only go to the Tara
11. Because of Fat Matt's Rib Shack and the fact that they only take cash.
12. Because of Lenox and Phipps.
13. Because if you're single and make $65,000, you're balling.
14. Because BMW's grow on trees.
15. Because the gold dome on the state capitol.
16. Because no one goes to Underground.
17. Because of Mick's.
18. Because here, the Peach drops on New Year's Eve.
19. Because of the sweet tea.
20. Because of the ultimate yuppie, hipster cool of Atlantic Station.
21. Because Shirley Franklin.
22. Because of the cleanliness of Midtown neighborhoods north of 5th and below 14th.
23. Because Monica Kaufman.
24. Because Atlanta Magazine writes so well about Atlanta and its diversity, but its staff reflects none of the city's diversity.
25. Because of free drinks in Buckhead.
26. Because though we know the Braves won't be playing by mid to late October, we believe that they will anyway.
27. Because the Falcons are cursed, and yet they still sell out the Dome.
28. Because Jermaine Dupri.
29. Because Mary Mac's always hits the spot.
30. Because it only takes $10 to get into a club, and if you're early enough, nothing at all.
31. Because of the way the city renames streets it wants to clean up. Bankhead became Hollowell and the notorious Stewart Avenue became Metropolitan Ave.
32. Because cable is usually left behind by the person who had the apartment before us.
33. Because Magic City is situated right across from the city jail and the bus station.
34. Because Cynthia Tucker.
35. Because to hear certain NPR shows, you have to switch to different stations.
36. Because the Apple store is always abuzz with activity.
37. Because Technology Square.
38. Because the High Museum.
39. Because Emory is situated just outside of Atlanta. That way, their pompous arrogance and general elitist attitude doesn't sully the city's reputation.
40. Because of ice skating in Centennial Olympic Park.
41. Because of the Trumpet Awards.
42. Because Andrew Young.
43. Because the service at the Park 75 Lounge is exceptional.
44. Because a ride down four miles of Ponce De Leon will take you through 10 different socio-economic levels.
45. Because Hammonds House.
46. Because the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is the only rag in town.
47. Because one whole side of Philips Arena is luxury boxes.
48. Because of the consistent construction on Peachtree.
49. Because DeKalb is where you go to raise your kids.
50. Because Grady High School is smack dab in the middle of the city.
51. Because Evander Holyfield's house has its own zip code.
52. Because of Atlanta rap.
53. Because Home Depot.
54. Because everyone is in some way connected to someone.
55. Because Tom Wolfe's 'A Man in Full.'
56. Because Freaknik.
57. Because the downtown Ritz Carlton.
58. Because we never have to shovel snow.
59. Because Savannah is just far enough away in case we need a break.
60. Because we have the biggest Ikea in the world.
61. Because $.99 breakfast at Ikea.
62. Because of the glorious Spelman College.
63. Because you can always get 30 pair of socks for $10.
64. Because everyone has an IPod.
65. Because Little Five Points fights daily to remain its own world.
66. Because you will be ticketed if you don't stop for the crosswalk near Georgia State.
67. Because of Walter's Shoes.
68. Because seeing famous people is an event.
69. Because of the seediness of anything on Cheshire Bridge.
70. Because if you know the back streets you will never, ever get caught in afternoon traffic.
71. Because all of your furniture needs can be resolved with a one day trip to Jimmy Carter Blvd.
72. Because Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.
73. Because of the Tabernacle.
74. Because as long as the earth spins, every resident of Atlanta will forever know that in 1996, the Olympics was held here.
75. Because of the 'Atlanta' sign in front of Philips Arena.
76. Because there's only one Tiffany & Co.
77. Because Magic Johnson Theater is where you go if you want to have a good time at the movies.
78. Because Cumberland Mall is a shopper's paradise and a well-kept secret.
79. Because the scene in Virginia-HIghlands gives Atlanta a familial feel.
80. Because Pharr Road.
81. Because ESPNZone.
82. Because Ted Turner.
83. Because Grant Park.
84. Because the endless school buses on Peachtree near the High Museum on any week day.
85. Because we have the biggest aquarium in the world.
86. Because Georgia Tech's old name was 'North Avenue Trade School.'
87. Because Varsity.
88. Because the high-rent, western end of Lenox Mall closes well before the rest of the mall does.
89. Because though it's old and only has one new attraction a year, Six Flags is still a good time.
90. Because there seems to be construction on the main highways every single weekend.
91. Because you don't have to have cable to get TBS.
92. Because West Peachtree is a great alternative to Peachtree when traveling to Buckhead.
93. Because the Masonic Temple on Peachtree sits so ominously and can be seen for miles and miles.
94. Because Martin Luther King, Jr.
95. Because Margaret Mitchell.
96. Because the grand lady, The Fox Theater still packs 'em in.
97. Because no matter what is done, Downtown never seems to improve.
98. Because it's fun to watch the tourists walk down that one part of Auburn Avenue that hasn't caught up with the rest of it.
99. Because K&G Men's Store on a Saturday or Sunday is the great common denominator.
100. Because Ft. McPherson has a golf course.
101. Because despite the change in economy and the city's business interests, the trains still run.
102. Because Atlanta has a language all its own.
103. Because Atlanta has absolutely no dress code.
104. Because Stone Mountain.
105. Because Creative Loafing.
106. Because Doc Green's.
107. Because of the Buckhead Restaurant Group.
108. Because hot sauce comes standard at nearly every restaurant.
109. Because very few younger people have land lines.
110. Because Ritz Carlton brunch.
111. Because of the Benihana's early bird.
112. Because Fellini's and LaFonda.
113. Because Manuel's on North Avenue is a Democrat haven.
114. Because despite the numbers, polite racism is a way of life.
115. Because OutKast.
116. Because Georgia Bulldog fans.
117. Because Walgreen's/CVS/Eckerd's has everything.
118. Because Kroger is open 24 hours on Peachtree.
119. Because Cascade Dr.
120. Because Niskey Lake and the concentration of African American wealth that resides there.
121. Because Maynard Holbrook Jackson, Jr.
122. Because Joseph Lowery Blvd., Ralph David Abernathy Blvd., and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. all intersect.
123. Because Morehouse College.

I'm Joe, and that's how I see it.


At Friday, January 13, 2006 11:32:00 PM , Blogger enigma said...

You have earned an "oh, hell yes" to the following: 5-9, 13,14,18,20,30,44,49,62-65,71, 106, 112, 115, 119, and finally 123. well said.

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At Tuesday, January 17, 2006 11:21:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

124. Because of Joe Carlos' institutional memory.

This list is brilliant.


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At Wednesday, January 18, 2006 2:52:00 PM , Anonymous Augustine Audubon said...

If I may add one:
Because 'Hustlin' is the #1 occupation for city residents.

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