Saturday, May 20, 2006

Same Old Story/"We Will Win The Game" - Jimmy Johnson

Growing up in Dallas, and being a fan of the home teams, you get used to defeat. I moved to Dallas in December of 1977. Early in 1978 the Cowboys defeated the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl 27-10. They didn't win another Super Bowl until I was a senior in high school in 1993. Those fifteen years between Super Bowl wins were brutal, and everyone loves to hate the Cowboys. Losses were always tough to deal with as a fan, but it seemed that whenever we did lose, the world was laughing.

On to baseball...

The Texas Rangers have won two pennants in the history of the organization. The only bright spots when I was growing up were when Nolan Ryan pitched there. I probably saw Nolan pitch ten times, and true to form, he won all of his games. However, the overall ineptitude of the Rangers led to my total disdain for the game of baseball. I loved playing the sport, but as the MLB goes, I couldn't have been more disinterested.

On to basketball...

The 1987-88 Dallas Mavericks took the 'Showtime' L.A. Lakers to seven games in the Western Conference Finals. We lost that game 7 115-102, but it was one great run. Flash to 15 years later...yes FIFTEEN YEARS later, the Mavs once again make the Western Conference Finals, but lose to the hated Spurs in six.

Now, facing elimination, the Dallas Mavs have given up a 3-1 lead to the wounded, undermanned and not nearly as talented San Antonio Spurs. In game 6, Harris was not involved seriously throughout, and the only person who played consistently the whole game was Dirk Nowitzki. This cannot happen on Monday night. This will not happen on Monday night.

12 years ago, before playing San Francisco in the NFC Title game, Cowboys head coach (I had to pause to watch Bonds at the plate...he struck out) Jimmy Johnson said, "Make no doubt about it, we..will win the game. Print it bold letters." I agreed with him then, and the quote has never been more relevant now. We will win the game.

I'm Joe, and that's how I see it.


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you knew indeed, man. congrats on the win.

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