Wednesday, December 11, 2002


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Lakers...The come from behind win of the Lakers over my Dallas Mavs still stings a little...okay it stings a helluva lot. However, we all know this team will gel again. They will congeal and get their act together, get their zen down and do whatever the hell it is they do to wreak havoc on the league from May until June. It is sad but true. However, this year, I truly believe in my faithful heart that the Mavs are gonna win the NBA Championship. I said it here first, time will tell. But, they have all of the key components for championship glory, and with their second loss of the season last friday (at press time the Mavs are 19-2), they've officially tasted blood in their mouths, gotten up off of the floor and won the next two straight. The Lakers will get better, but not nearly as good as the Mavs. And if Shaq hurts himself again, we've seen there is no such thing as the Lakers.

Women...I don't understand them. However I love them so very much. Nothing like their love, their touch, their warmth. I'll stop here for the sake of my roommates, and their incessant need to rib me.

Christmas Movies...This holiday season I'm actually going to take the time to watch all of the movies that the season has to offer. I never get to do it. But every night, I'm going to the damn show. My must sees are: 25th Hour, Gangs of New York, Lord of the Rings, Catch Me if You Can, Brown Sugar (I know. I still haven't seen it.), About Schmidt, the Julianne Moore/Dennis Quaid pic and any romantic comedy.

Brad Pitt...My roommate Spence made a startling revelation about Mr. Pitt; he's never carried a movie. To be a leading man, I always assumed one would have to lead the others in the cast...Examples where he's worked with giants who outweigh him though he gets the love and equal billing; Interview with the Vampire (worked with Cruise, Banderas and whatshisname), Legends of the Fall (Sir Anthony Hopkins...need I say more), 8 Years in Tibet (Alas the only vehicle in which he solely was horribly miserable.), Meet Joe Black (Another bad one...this time with Sir Anthony Hopkins again), 12 Monkeys (Bruce Willis outdid him), Seven (That was Morgan Freeman's movie all throughout and then Spacey stole it from both of them), The Mexican (Julia, Julia, Julia), Ocean's Eleven (Hmm...who didn't outshine him here?). Now...Snatch was great. And without him, it wouldn't have worked,'s time to work harder at leading a picture. Take some notes from Michael Douglass.

Spike...When oh when will he get his due as one of the great American directors? They parade around these aging brilliant guys...Coppola, Scorcese, Altman, Lucas, Spielberg, but Lee never gets his due. I won't call it racism, that's too easy. And they can't say that the movies he makes are just one way, because another esteemed New York filmmaker...Woody Allen, does the exact same thing. Spike is one of the greatest film director's the world has ever known, and yet he will take more criticism than acclaim. He will be more maligned than magnified. And the reasoning behind it is, the fear of most to admit freely what is in their hearts...he's better than everyone else I've mentioned, and just as brilliant, witty, smart, artistic and clear.

AOL...I can't stress enough the need for AOL. Hotmail is dead. Yahoo is played. Anything free is so 2000. Get with it man. 8.0 will unclutter your life if you let it. Give in...go AOL.

Burberry...I feel partially responsible. I paraded around Morehouse with my Burberry tie last September, only to see the print ghastily displayed on a myriad of other surfaces that turn my stomach at the mention of them. Let it go.

My Boys...All around the world they are. I miss them dearly. Dorian, Benji, Ace, Jeff, Braedan, Cel, Jimmy, Tim, Ray, Tom, Gene, Josh, Aaron, Ham, Scott, Josh, Dedeaux, Kahil (graduating from TSU this weekend), Jasuan, Rhom, Do, Robbie, Malaki, Jarvone, Caishe, Sid, Decatur, Antoy, Jaiwan, Goldy, Wayne, Seth, Johnny, Dave, Raj, Curt, BCeezy, Dion & Devin, Jehu, Mikal, Lenny, Corey, Okera, Jonathan, Tash, Sterl, Rob W., Shaun, H.L., B. Font, Skeet, Joe, Chizz, Senator Labitue, Jordan, Kingfish, Cecil name a few...I miss y'all. May there

ESPN Classic...No greater channel was ever invented. So great, I can't even continue writing about it...

The Democratic Party...Time to go back to the woodshed. We've got to get together and figure this damn thing out man. Work harder and not stop until we can get some real candidates across the board to win. This is crazy!

I'm tired of ranting.

I'm Joe, and that's how I see it.


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