Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ranting Up A Storm

One of the worst things about the new dress code in the NBA is the number of Steve Harvey/Magic Johnson/ Michael Irvin suits that will be seen on the sidelines at NBA games. The suits will be outrageously bad and ugly, because of lack of personal style and because it's very difficult to put a 7 footer in Armani. If I were in the league, I would wear the loudest, most outrageous colors I could, like TNT's Craig Seger. I would do so to show the commissioner how silly the rule is. The great sports writer Frank Deford mentioned that it was ironic that the NBA and Stern would use the 'Hip Hop' culture to sell its brand, and then condemn its players for dressing in said style, as though it will somehow change the league's image. I've never, ever seen Dennis Rodman in a suit, and he played alongside the always suited Michael Jordan for several years in Chicago, and somehow, they won 3 world championships together. Go figure.

The Bush Administration is out to lunch. First they nominate Mrs. Miers for the position without completely vetting her, and then they act appalled when she doesn't turn out to be the candidate that she was already most certainly not in the first place. Conservatives were worried about her beliefs on abortion and affirmative action, and somehow that was strong enough to shame the President into allowing her to resign. I know he wishes it was a year ago, when he, Karl Rove and Co. were preparing to get 58 million of their friends together to go out and kick Kerry's ass on election day. What a difference a year makes. And if Scooter Libby and Rove are indicted, they will do the following in this order: 1) Resign 2) Do their probationary work 3) Write their books 4) Rove will open up his consultancy firm and they will both tour the country and the world giving very expensive speeches...Nothing changed.

Rosa Parks
I mentioned the other day that the President had nothing to say about our dear departed sister Rosa Parks. It was pointed out to me rather audaciously that Bush had mentioned Parks. At the time of my email, I had checked all available wire services and websites, and there was no statement posted. When I finally heard his statement, I realized that he had added her on at the end of a a footnote. It was also pointed out to me to be fair. I assume that fairness should be extended to a President who is not even fair to fellow Americans. And since he and I are in very different positions, his being the leader of the Free World, and mine being a photographer for Clear Channel, I will not judge solely. However, since he is the Chief Executive of the United States of America, I will, as is my constitutional right, question, harrass, analyze, dispute, argue and breakdown anything coming from the Bush Administration if I damn well please. And I will do so because on Dec. 16, 1791 the Freedom of Speech was ratified, thus giving American citizens like myself the right to do so. Be fair? Ask the displaced in the Gulf region if this President has been fair to them. Ask the students who will see a reduction in financial aid and student loans in years to come, thanks to THIS CONGRESS, if they think the President has been fair. Ask the soldiers dying in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places if it's fair that they are there. And when indeed, this President, who works for me, and not the other way around, is even the least bit fair with me and my fellow Americans, then just maybe I will be fair with him.

The fans of Louisiana deserve better than this. Granted the Saints being there has been a losing proposition from the beginning, and Los Angeles has been yearning for a team since the Raiders moved back home to Oakland and the Rams moved to St. Louis, but come on. At least put the team in a place near where their few fans were. At least put the team in San Antonio. San Antonio can support the team. San Antonio has a new venue that needs no repair. San Antonio is at least within a few hours of New Orleans, and much like NO has a flavor and style all its own. L.A. would just be another in a series of money making ventures for the league. They've let two teams leave in the past 15 years, why do they deserve another?

I'm Joe and that's how I see it.


At Friday, October 28, 2005 5:07:00 PM , Blogger ThaWritt said...

The rule is not only silly but ill-conceived. If Stern thinks Ron Artest won't swing on someone because he has his Brooks Brothers on he is as old as he is naive.

And if the rule is to improve the league's image, tell Mark Cuban to wear something other than the T-shirt his butler change his oil in. Are owners not visible parts of the league? Do referees have to tuck in their chains because Deebo Stern says so? Stern is bogus. I wish I was in the league so I could rock my "David Stern is a Donkey" tie and my suspenders that read "well-paid puppet."


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