Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Homecoming in Retrospect

Biting terribly off of my main man Faraji, (swarthandloathing.blogspot.com), I too must do a homecoming retrospective entry.

These are a few of my favorite moments...

1) Shopping with the incomparable Raymond Lee Jones and buying two pairs of sunglasses at the Lenox kiosk knowing fully well that his would look better than mine.

2) Going to every store in Lenox that we visited when Ray lost his keys.

3) Being surprised by the appearance of Geoff Bennett after he informed me that he was not coming.

4) Seeing Jason Boulware and Chuck Price...in the flesh.

5) Seeing how our classmates had grown up...and in some cases out.

6) The talk that Cash and I had after we dropped the van at Spence's.

7) Me and JC's trip to Sam's.
We sampled food every 5 seconds.

8) Trying to park at the tailgate, while officer Hall was not letting us pull up to the spot, and watching JC become irate and scream at him about calling Dr. Massey as if it was going to make a bit of difference.

9) JC rebounding and finding the ill parking spot.

10)When my brilliant cohorts working in congress, bribed a Spelman worker with a John Deere 4x4 and moved all of our stuff from the van to the tent.

11) Randall's shirt...priceless.

12) D Cal, peeling off $30 at 3AM outside of Luxe and imploring me to make it happen

13) J Smith for making a 166 on the LSAT

14) Hearing my friend Farai say, "I've watched enemies and friends shake hands and hug today, and be genuine in their interest in each other's lives. I've watched Morehouse be at its very best today, and I am inspired." This was special, considering I've been in a 3 year feud with Farai, that ended the moment we saw
each other and talked for over an hour.

15) George's microphone

16) B Font's and Fritz's White Sox t-shirts...respectively.

17) Raj's culinary expertise

18) JC insisting that we buy those shrimp though I protested

19) Seeing everyone

20) Ashton not wanting to put his beer down

21) Texas won, though Morehouse did not.

22) Hanging out with John and George just trying to hold on to the good times of the weekend, and telling them in front of Ken Julian at Bruster's off of Moreland, "this shit hurts man, because you will be gone in 12 hours. And we're smiling now, but it's gonna be tears soon pally."

23) The HAPPY JUICE...off the damn chain

24) Waffle House with Corey, B and Raj.

25) Sneaking into the Luxe party around the side with Randall and John, waiting as others jumped in front of us paid, and then hearing Larry say to me, "Bring yo'ass on in here Joe!"

26) Rain on Friday in Austell

27) Pulling up to R. Thomas's at 3AM, and seeing B Font make his way in right before me.

28) Hearing 'We Major' blast from the green van parked in front of our tent, and then walking up to the van, and having the DJ show me love, as we talk about 'Late Registration' for the next 15 minutes.

29) Sheldon being out for the count by 5

30) D.I. and Rio's party at The Westin

31) Chuck Price and Jason Boulware...gotta mention them

32) Getting Kwabi to Luxe early, only to hear him complain at the time, but later hearing him thank me so much because A) He didn't pay B) He had a great

33) Joni telling me, "Joe, Kasi's spending time with ME now..."

34) E Brooks's shirt.

35) Raj pouring endless drinks at Max Lager

36) Corey pouring endless drinks at the tent

37) Corey buying me a beer, the very second I saw him

38) Watching Geoff move and groove on the dance floor with effortless aplomb.

39) Joking with H.M. Goodgame, Jr. at the tent

40) Knowing that we had the biggest, baddest, livest tent at all of homecoming with the most sought after drink, the best food, and sponsored by the most chill cats.

41) Did I mention that Texas won?


At Friday, November 04, 2005 10:44:00 PM , Blogger armchair soulbrotha said...

texas won, indeed.

homecoming sounded lovely. i hate 1L year.

At Saturday, November 05, 2005 7:41:00 PM , Blogger The Killa Himself aka Ron Mexico said...

Dude you are never online anymore....

Of course you can get at my pictures! I haven't packaged them and don't have room on the main site anymore....but I'll find a way to get them to you!

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At Friday, November 18, 2005 12:10:00 AM , Anonymous guile said...

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