Thursday, March 02, 2006

"When we get a little something something, that's when you know it's on..." - Raekwon the Chef

Tonight the Dallas Mavericks play the San Antonio Spurs in San Antone for what will be one of the most anticipated and debated regular season games in Mavs history since the Lakers played the Mavs at Reunion Arena on national television on an unseasonably cool Sunday in 1988. The then red hot Mavs got off to a very slow start, and the defending World Champion Lakers humbled the young upstarts mercilessly.

That could happen again tonight as the blazing hot Mavs (winners of 19 of their last 20 games) take on the (defending World Champion) Spurs. Tonight's game, and the Mavs' huge nationally televised showdown with the Phoenix Suns on Sunday should determine how the country and the rest of the league will grade them down the rest of the stretch of the regular season.

But since I'm a MAVS FAN FOR LIFE, and a former REUNION ROWDY, we are ready for any and everything that our cousins from the south have to offer. A change is gonna come. Mark my words, a change is gonna come.

I'm Joe and that's how I see it.


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