Saturday, December 14, 2002


MAN IS CURSED when he doesn't at least try. To me, if you don't try, then what the hell are you doing complaining for. The least you can do is try.

SECOND PLACE is something I have little understanding or desire to be involved with. If you work harder, it'll show up when it counts. There's no excuse for second place. I think I was happy with second place twice in life, and they were my second grade and eighth grade science fairs. Needless to say, I won all the others in between.

IF NOT FOR ME many guys at Morehouse wouldn't have the advantages they have.

COLLEGE is exactly what you make it. Study hard, you'll do well. Mess around, you won't. But never forget to have fun, and take a lot of pictures.

GARRY SHANDLING makes me laugh more than anyone except Robin Harris and Woody Allen.

MONOGAMY is admittedly difficult. I hate to admit it, but I haven't dealt with it well.

CONTRADICTION is hilarious. In college especially people have no idea how often they contradict themselves.

CUNNILINGUS is not a question, it's a requirement. When else does a man have more control?

WITHOUT MONEY you become extremely creative and resourceful. I've had more fun without money than in the times when it's been abundant.

FORMAL EDUCATION is the most fun thing I've ever been a part of.

JERRY JONES brought pride back to Dallas. Dallas before Jerry and since Jerry is two different places. When the Cowboys win, the economy is better, people are nicer, the sun always shines. Jerry is a huge part of that.

IF YOU'RE LUCKY you can always make her smile.

THE GOOD OLD DAYS are everyday.

ONE DAY you wake up and everything's okay.

SPIKE LEE cares about what he cares about.

I DON'T DATE women that didn't go to a Historically Black College or University. The reason being because they just don't get it. The struggle has to be understood. I just don't believe that they struggled much at Emory, Yale, Brown or SMU.

PARENTSget smarter the older I get.

WOODY ALLENwrites primarily for him and me.

WHEN I WAS A BOY, a great deal of time was put into my development as a caring and loving individual. It's shown later in life.

THE BOYS SCOUTS OF AMERICAtaught me about leadership, manhood, limits, how to follow, and how to tie a clover knot.

MY PARENTSdid an unbelievable job.

IDT was a joke that grew into a real thing. A lesson in beginning something, sustaining it, watching it grow and making sure it's going where it needs to go. The ultimate teaching tool.

NORTH DALLASshaped me. Had I been raised anywhere else, I don't think I'd have that right mix of elitism, understanding, empathy, cool and sense of responsibility.

SPELMAN is a place of highs and lows. Good times and bad times. But the good has outweighed the bad nearly everytime.

ON SEPTMBER 11, 2001 I thought my brother was dead. That was the worst feeling in the world to think that he was gone. I have never been as proud of anyone as I am of my brother and sister, and for one of them to have been gone, would've have negated any reasons I would have had for living. But, for hours, I thought he was gone. Then I got an email around 2pm. I prayed and thanked God. At that point, I realized how selfish I'd been, because so many people's brothers did die. But thank God mine didn't.

MICHAEL JORDAN'S RETURNis the ultimate lesson that there are times when we should all let go.

GIRLFRIENDSare teachers. They teach us things about ourselves that we didn't know, or don't want to accept,at least mine have.

ALBANY, GA is a fine place to visit.

THE BEST TELEVISION SHOW ever is A Different World. If a study were done as to the effect that show had on the decision of individuals to attend HBCU's, it is my contention that the data would yield strongly in favor of the show's subject matter, format, etc. having a great deal to do with their decision on HBCU's. Besides, Jasmine Guy was fine. Lisa Bonet is still a Black Bourgeoisie goddess along with Cree Summer.

TRENT LOTT is the face of white America. Outraged? Surprised? Please. He deserves everything he gets.

MARK CUBAN will make a believer of you all.

I'm Joe, and that's how I see it.


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