Thursday, June 12, 2003

In a perfect world...

Midnight Love would be the only show on BET.
Larry Sanders would come on in prime time.
A Different World would get the respect that it truly deserves.
I'd be where she is.
Tobe would give me an A.
Apex woulda worked.
Wing Zone would be right around the corner.
Outkast would do a homecoming concert for free.
Morehouse would go undefeated.
My Mavs would be in the NBA Finals.
90210 would be on somewhere in syndication.
I could repay my parents.
The Triplex would never be razed.
We could steal one of those Spelman flags to round out our collection.
Jamal would be up for an Oscar next year.
I would've IMed her sooner.
I could burn all of those Steve Harvey suits.
Emmitt would've never left Dallas.
I wouldn't have to mow the grass.
I could always make 'em smile.


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