Sunday, December 15, 2002


IT THRILLS ME to know that I've helped someone get what they want in this world.

THERE ARE FEW PEOPLE who know that I was born in Lansing, Michigan and moved to Dallas at age 3.

MY DAD loves my mother. He tells me everytime we're together. When I was younger, I didn't understand why he told me. But trust me, when I have a son I will tell him about how much I love his mother everyday.

LEAD, follow or get the hell outta the way.

MODESTY is something best learned through practice rather than experience.

I CAN ALWAYS SAY I went to school with some of the greatest minds of the 21st century. And I don't think it's a mistake that we're all friends. I don't know too many people that had a group of friends that included intellectuals, writers, a Rhodes Scholar and a Marshall Scholar.

KENDELL has all the appertenances to be one of the great ones.

PREJUDICE stifles us all. Bottom line. It is the most corosive thing in this great society.

TIMING is everything. One second early you mess things up. One second late, your life changes. Without proper timing...things can get a trifle out of hand.

GO TO BED EARLY and you miss Conan. You miss Larry Sanders. You miss Midnight Love. You miss all the good things being aired for grownups like you.

SEINFELD was a reason to watch television again. He is greatly missed. Why else would we care what he looks like carrying his child around Central Park?

JFK, JR would have been a great one. It was my sole intention to work for George Magazine. I didn't know him, but I woud have worked for him for nearly nothing, just to be a piece of the magic.

MICHAEL IRVIN is still my favorite Cowboy. And America loves him too. We can't get enough of him, because he's unabashedly himself.

ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY is one of the most starkly beautiful places I've ever been. So serene. So historical. Proof that good things can come from ill-will.

I'm Joe, and that's how I see it.