Wednesday, June 11, 2003


WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEBODY, there's never enough that you can do for them. This has been personified by the relationship that my parents and I have. It seems that they can never do enough for me, and I don't think I'll ever be able to truly show how appreciative and thankful I am for EVERYTHING.

THE BEST ATHLETE I EVER SAW WAS Jason Kidd. During his second year in the league, I caught probably twenty or so games in person, and at least watched them all on television. J Kidd was amazing. His speed, ability and skill were unmatched then, and now he's stepped it up a great deal with a poise and maturity that have made him one of the true elder statesmen of the NBA.

MY FIRST CIGAR was a Macanudo. I went to a little smoke shop in Pentagon City and the man suggested the 'mild' taste of the Macanudo. The thing tasted horribly, and worse, I had the brilliant idea of smoking it in my room. I figured so many other people smoked a variety of things in their rooms that it shouldn't matter too much. Much to my chagrin, the smell stayed in my room and my clothes for nearly two weeks. Fortunately, I found the right brand for me Arturo Fuento maduros No. 8 and the rest is history.

AFTER COLLEGE wait, there's life after college? Just kiddin'. After college, hopefully life should be a breeze. I've done enough living for ten men pally. Can't wait for the after college life...courtside seats, premieres and good livin'.

THERE'S THIS WHOLE MYTH THAT each election I've won has had some foul play in it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason we won our races (5 presidencies, 3 vice presidencies, 1 treasurer) is because not only were our ideas better, but because we worked harder. JC won his races because he gave a damn, and because we didn't rest. Randall won his race because he cared more (as evidenced by his presidency). An election at Morehouse is never worth cheating for. And Morehouse guys never, ever forget the cat that cheated.

SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS are Kappas. When I entered Morehouse there were no Alphas and no Kappas. And growing up in my household, my father didn't say much about greek life, but he did mention the fact that he looked down on the fellas who wore crimson and cream. Having said that, it's always interesting to him that I have so many friends, some of which, are Kappas.

CHILDREN? When it happens it happens. I'm not ready right now. I know on this very Blogger, at one point I thought I'd be married in two years, but gimme a break. I've got to get it together before I can even imagine bringing life into this world pally. And when I do, it'll be great, I've got award winning genes.

I HAVEN'T DECIDED YET where I want to live. In the last week, people have been asking me where it is I want to live in life. I think that the opportunity takes you where it is you're going to go. I really don't feel that you have much choice in the matter, and if you do, it's because you've cheated the system somehow. I wouldn't mind being in New York though, my brother's there and many writing opportunities are too. However, LA/Hollywood wouldn't be a bad stint either. But, Atlanta's fine for now.

WHY SHOULD Ido what everyone else does? There are people out there who I went to school with, who judge me on a consistent basis because I'm not doing what it is they feel I should do. I understand them, and I know it's from the heart, but I've gotten this far, and I'm gonna go farther, so relax pally, I got this.

THE PERFECT WOMAN? A writer who can drink a beer, or a whiskey, entertain those around her, be funny and informative, knows when I'm ready to go, will watch the game with me and who can laugh with me when I'm laughing at myself.

IF YOU'RE A ROMANTIC then you're just like me. I think I own more sappy love stories on DVD than most self-respecting men would admit to.

LIVING IN THE MOMENT has helped to shape me into a person who appreciates what it is I've got.

MY FAVORITE NIGHTCAP is Jack and Coke. Sinatra drank it. Hef drinks it. And so do I.

THE BEST PART of any relationship is the beginning.


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