Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I know I haven't written here in quite some time, but as I sit here in Agnes Scott College's lovely McCain Library, ironically my thoughts drift primarily to a friend in New York. Last week, after four days on the job, she emphatically and cathartically told me the things that she wanted to do with her life. She has no idea the affect that our conversation had on me. For before, I was merely a huge fan, now I believe in my heart that the sun rises and sets on her for a number of reasons, the least of which being her incomparable wit and candor and her continual drive. Much like me, she has been underestimated and she continues to defy odds. I rarely if ever show a personally vulnerable side here in my blogger, but I felt it absolutely fitting, since I'm thinking about her right now.

On a totally unrelated subject...

Not surprised by what Hillary said.
Could care less about the NBA Finals...I'm still hurting over the Mavs.
Summer school looms.
The grass has to be mowed again...
My book is fun to write.
Loving every minute of it.
Want to call her more, but don't want to annoy.
I can't ever, ever play enough Solitaire.


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