Tuesday, October 07, 2003

My All-Time Favorite Cowboys & Mavs Teams

My All-Time Favorite Cowboys & Mavs Teams

I was sitting here today thinking about Emmitt Smith and the glory days, and it got me to thinking that I've never mentioned who are all of my favorite guys. So...here it goes...

Quarterback: Troy Aikman (Though I cried when Staubach retired.)
Center: Mark Stepnoski
Guard: Larry Allen (Kevin Gogan in third. Larry Allen's that good.)
Guard : Nate Newton
Tackle: Mark Tuinei (Erik Williams in second.)
Tackle: Rayfield Wright
Fullback: Robert Newhouse (Moose in a close second)
Halfback: Emmitt Smith (With Tony D. backing him up)
Tight End: Jay Novacek (Billy Joe DuPree in a close second)
Wide Receiver: Drew Pearson
Wide Receiver: Michael Irvin
Kick Returner: "Bullet" Bob Hayes
Punt Returner: Kevin Williams

Defensive End: Charles Haley (Tony Tolbert in a close second)
Defensive End: Ed "Too Tall" Jones
Defensive Tackle: Bob Lilly (Russell Maryland in a close second)
Defensive Tackle: Randy White (Tony Casillas in a close second)
Linebacker: Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson
Linebacker: Ken Norton
Linebacker: Chuck Howley
Cornerback: Everson Walls (Kevin Smith in a close second)
Cornerback: Deion Sanders
Free Safety: Darren Woodson
Strong Safety: James Washington

Placekicker: Rafael Septien
Punter: Mike Saxon

Coach: Jimmy Johnson

And now my favorite Dallas Mavs team. Not as extensive...but here it goes...

Starting 5
G: Rolando Blackman #22
G: Michael Finley #4
C: Dirk Nowitzki #41
F: Roy Tarpley #42
F: Mark Aguirre #24

Second 5
G: Steve Nash #13
G: Jason Kidd #5
C: James Donaldson #40
F: Detlef Schrempf #32
F: Jamal Mashburn #32

Derek Harper #12, Nick Van Exel #43

Coach: Don Nelson
Owner: Mark Cuban


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