Monday, October 20, 2003

Rantings, Ravings, Reminiscings...

I missed Lakehill homecoming this past weekend. I truly wish I were there. Lakehill beat the other team, 65-0. I hear it was a good time had by all. However, there was a bit of sadness that loomed over the game because one of our classmates, Broderick Rakestraw, passed away. Broderick was a big guy with a huge heart that came to Lakehill in the fall of '91 and graduated in May of '94. He loved Lakehill, and Lakehill in turn loved him right back. He was a good and loyal friend and a devoted alumnus. He will be greatly missed. It is my suggestion that the members of his class start a scholarship fund in his name. My classmates should also do the same for one of my classmates, Hayley Wester.

The Cowboys are 5-1. I'm starting to believe in the fellas again. And here's my predicition for Sunday's game against the World Champion Tampa Bay Bucs (sounds crazy doesn't it?). Alright, if the Cowboys play horribly, and the 3-3 Bucs beat the snot out of them, it'll still be okay because hey, the Boys will be 5-2 and they weren't supposed to be that good anyway. If the Boys play the Bucs tough, but still lose. They'll earn cool points from fans all over the country. Now...if the Boys beat the Bucs (the least likely scenario), well...they'll be talking Super Bowl. And wouldn't that be nice? Either way, the Boys still have to play Buffalo, New England, Miami and Carolina, not to mention the hated Redskins, twice. Only time will tell. But there's definitely a luster and a swagger back in Big D. Feelin' good, feelin' great.

Morehouse beat Tuskegee in triple overtime this past weekend. Thrilling game indeed. The game was on BET. And from what I hear, there were incessant cutaways to #1 Morehouse fan and proud papa, Denzel Washington.

I'll be missing Morehouse-Spelman homecoming this year, and honestly it hurts. However, I'll be missing it for a very happy occassion, the wedding of my cousin Driscoll. Born two weeks apart, we were raised as brothers, and I wouldn't miss the opportunity to stand with him for the world. They're just gonna have to do this homecoming without me. So, if you read this and you're wondering if we're having another huge house, we're not. However, I am still having a tent, so drop on by and get some chicken and Happy Juice.

And one last thing...
The only thing that makes tv worth watching lately is the cable shows. Playmakers on ESPN is intoxicatingly good. Gotta watch that every week. Also, the MTV shows are must see, as well as The West Wing on Bravo.

I'm Joe, and that's how I see it.


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