Friday, January 14, 2005

My NFL Picks for the Divisional Playoff Weekend

Okay, here it goes...

On Saturday in Pittsburgh, the Steelers will defeat the New York/New Jersey Jets. This will occur because of a few reasons...
A) The Jets, while deserving of being there, are not nearly overall talented as the Steelers
B) The win will come not from the phenom frosh Roethlisberger, but the wily vet, Jerome Bettis
C) Even on their best day and in their best game to date, the Jets lost to the Steelers in the regular season at Heinz Field
D) The Steelers have enough MOJO Magic to make it to the Title Game that they'll be hosting anyway
If the Jets are to win it is because of one reason...
A) The total breakdown of Roethlisberger

On Saturday in Atlanta, the Falcons will defeat the St. Louis Rams. This will occur because of a few reasons...
A) Mike Vick at home is a thing to behold
B) The Atlanta D will stifle Bulger over time
C) Despite the far superior receivers that the Rams have, they will once again be no match for the totally healthy Atlanta D
D) The Rams weapons are getting
E) Warrick Dunn and TJ Duckett are going to be a big factor
M) Magic City is back up and running.
If the Rams win it will be because...
A) They stopped Vick. If you stop Vick, the Falcons shut down.

On Sunday in Foxboro, the Patriots will defeat the Indianapolis Colts. This will occur for the following reasons...
A) Steady and slow wins the race...period.
B) Bellichic has had two to three weeks to prepare his guys for this game. He had one week last year, and look what he did to them. Imagine two weeks.
C) Despite Peyton's brilliance, his defense will let him down. There's no question about that.
D) Corey Dillon will be a difference maker.
E) The elements.
F) They have cooler uniforms.
If the Colts win it will be because...
A) Peyton had a flawless game and was not rattled by the Patriots vaunted D.
B) Edgerinn James has big numbers.
C) The D gets to Brady early and often.
D) If they put it out of reach early.

On Sunday in Philadelphia, the Eagles will defeat the Minnesota Vikings. This will occur for the following reasons...
A) Randy Moss was shut down.
B) Freddie Mitchell has a big day.
C) The Minnesota D gets played by Donovan.
D) The Minnesota coaching staff.
If the Vikes win, and I hope they do, it will be because...
A) Randy Moss was not shut down.
B) They can't win without T.O.
C) McNabb has car trouble.

I'm Joe and this is how I see it...

What if this were Joi's shout out and she didn't see it?


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