Monday, October 20, 2003

Rantings, Ravings, Reminiscings...

I missed Lakehill homecoming this past weekend. I truly wish I were there. Lakehill beat the other team, 65-0. I hear it was a good time had by all. However, there was a bit of sadness that loomed over the game because one of our classmates, Broderick Rakestraw, passed away. Broderick was a big guy with a huge heart that came to Lakehill in the fall of '91 and graduated in May of '94. He loved Lakehill, and Lakehill in turn loved him right back. He was a good and loyal friend and a devoted alumnus. He will be greatly missed. It is my suggestion that the members of his class start a scholarship fund in his name. My classmates should also do the same for one of my classmates, Hayley Wester.

The Cowboys are 5-1. I'm starting to believe in the fellas again. And here's my predicition for Sunday's game against the World Champion Tampa Bay Bucs (sounds crazy doesn't it?). Alright, if the Cowboys play horribly, and the 3-3 Bucs beat the snot out of them, it'll still be okay because hey, the Boys will be 5-2 and they weren't supposed to be that good anyway. If the Boys play the Bucs tough, but still lose. They'll earn cool points from fans all over the country. Now...if the Boys beat the Bucs (the least likely scenario), well...they'll be talking Super Bowl. And wouldn't that be nice? Either way, the Boys still have to play Buffalo, New England, Miami and Carolina, not to mention the hated Redskins, twice. Only time will tell. But there's definitely a luster and a swagger back in Big D. Feelin' good, feelin' great.

Morehouse beat Tuskegee in triple overtime this past weekend. Thrilling game indeed. The game was on BET. And from what I hear, there were incessant cutaways to #1 Morehouse fan and proud papa, Denzel Washington.

I'll be missing Morehouse-Spelman homecoming this year, and honestly it hurts. However, I'll be missing it for a very happy occassion, the wedding of my cousin Driscoll. Born two weeks apart, we were raised as brothers, and I wouldn't miss the opportunity to stand with him for the world. They're just gonna have to do this homecoming without me. So, if you read this and you're wondering if we're having another huge house, we're not. However, I am still having a tent, so drop on by and get some chicken and Happy Juice.

And one last thing...
The only thing that makes tv worth watching lately is the cable shows. Playmakers on ESPN is intoxicatingly good. Gotta watch that every week. Also, the MTV shows are must see, as well as The West Wing on Bravo.

I'm Joe, and that's how I see it.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

My All-Time Favorite Cowboys & Mavs Teams

My All-Time Favorite Cowboys & Mavs Teams

I was sitting here today thinking about Emmitt Smith and the glory days, and it got me to thinking that I've never mentioned who are all of my favorite guys. it goes...

Quarterback: Troy Aikman (Though I cried when Staubach retired.)
Center: Mark Stepnoski
Guard: Larry Allen (Kevin Gogan in third. Larry Allen's that good.)
Guard : Nate Newton
Tackle: Mark Tuinei (Erik Williams in second.)
Tackle: Rayfield Wright
Fullback: Robert Newhouse (Moose in a close second)
Halfback: Emmitt Smith (With Tony D. backing him up)
Tight End: Jay Novacek (Billy Joe DuPree in a close second)
Wide Receiver: Drew Pearson
Wide Receiver: Michael Irvin
Kick Returner: "Bullet" Bob Hayes
Punt Returner: Kevin Williams

Defensive End: Charles Haley (Tony Tolbert in a close second)
Defensive End: Ed "Too Tall" Jones
Defensive Tackle: Bob Lilly (Russell Maryland in a close second)
Defensive Tackle: Randy White (Tony Casillas in a close second)
Linebacker: Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson
Linebacker: Ken Norton
Linebacker: Chuck Howley
Cornerback: Everson Walls (Kevin Smith in a close second)
Cornerback: Deion Sanders
Free Safety: Darren Woodson
Strong Safety: James Washington

Placekicker: Rafael Septien
Punter: Mike Saxon

Coach: Jimmy Johnson

And now my favorite Dallas Mavs team. Not as extensive...but here it goes...

Starting 5
G: Rolando Blackman #22
G: Michael Finley #4
C: Dirk Nowitzki #41
F: Roy Tarpley #42
F: Mark Aguirre #24

Second 5
G: Steve Nash #13
G: Jason Kidd #5
C: James Donaldson #40
F: Detlef Schrempf #32
F: Jamal Mashburn #32

Derek Harper #12, Nick Van Exel #43

Coach: Don Nelson
Owner: Mark Cuban

Two Points to Make

Time to pack it in...

This past weekend was bittersweet. One of my favorite Dallas Cowboys came back to Big D and played in Texas Stadium, however he wasn't wearing the customary silver and blue, but the foreign crimson and white of the visiting Arizona Cardinals. Emmitt Smith, Mr. Reliable, Mr. Cowboy, Mr. Character, Mr. Integrity, Mr. Everything...came back to Big D after talking big trash about the city's favorite sons, and much unlike he expected, he was humiliated, beaten and broken.

This past summer, Emmitt made comments about his last years with the Cowboys, that basically in a nutshell amounted to the fact that he felt as though he was a diamond surrounded by trash while playing for the Cowboys. Now, of course he went back and recanted his statements, and tried to make sense of what he said, but that's the beauty of language. Once you hear it once, that's pretty much how it's going to stay in your mind. So now, this man who meant so much to the city and county of Dallas, to the Cowboys Organization, to the Jones Family and to millions of fans all over the world, in a sense alienated himself at the very house that he helped to sustain, Texas Stadium.

I pity my hero. I pity him because he does not see what the rest of us do; that it's time for him to give it up and go. He's the all-time leading rusher, an NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, three time Super Bowl Champion, All-Pro, All-Madden, and still one of the most beloved figures in Dallas, but on Sunday there he lay helpless and seemingly lifeless as that very trash that he mentioned in the summer, stood over him while Texas Stadium cheered. This certified Hall of Famer laid resourceless on the new Texas Stadium turf, the same turf where he broke the rushing record. And for many young fans, who will not have the benefit of looking back at his past brilliance at Texas Stadium, the Vet in Philly, Candlestick Park in San Fran, or RFK in D.C., this will be their lasting impression of the very man who single-handedly helped to elevate the game with not only his play on the field, but his blemishlessly sterling life off the field.

The Emmitt I'll always remember will be the one in the Super Bowl XXVII parade in Downtown Dallas. The shy one sitting on the trunk of a convertible Vette, hugging his niece, tightly. The 'aw-shucks' guy from Florida. Our hero, our friend, our inspirator, our legend, our Emmitt.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Rantings and Ravings...

Rantings and Ravings...

Well it's been some time since I've hit this thing up. But since my main man Josh and one of my attorneys in waiting, JC told me I should do it, here I am, back again...

So much going on man, so much going on...Where do I even begin?

Okay, let's see, I'm gonna talk about the Cowboys, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Irvin, Morehouse's football decline, Tuna, Bush and the CIA, the Lakehill Class of 1993, The Longhorns, my new phone number, Outkast and whether or not you're a part of this thing...

My Cowboys are 2-1...Who would've thunk it? Gaging from the Cowboys opening schedule, perhaps the toughest one in NFL history for a team that was 5-11 last year, the Pokes have ended the usually tumultuous month of September with a very respectable 2-1 mark. The great thing is that they haven't been out of any game they played. Now, if someone told you in June that after playing Atlanta, the Giants and the Jets three weeks in a row, that Dallas would be 2-1, and undefeated at the Meadowlands, you'd have thought they were crazy. I mean how in the world could a team coached by a Tuna, starting Quincy Carter and Daryl Hambrick have beaten two playoff teams, both at home. Shockey, where be your jibes now? I hate we hate to beat my man Herm Edwards, but this thing is a let's keep rolling. Granted, the Cowboys after losing to a Vick-less Atlanta at home, limped into the Meadowlands and put on one of the most stirring wins in Franchise history, but they beat a completely hapless Jets team missing it's main star, Chad Pennington.

Now, I was watching Rush on Sunday morning, and I wasn't outraged. I'm as black as anyone else I know, and I personally felt that what he said was typical Rush. I don't think he was being any more racist than he normally is. However in this situation, I feel that he wasn't attempting to be overtly racist. He was offering an opinion, one that is protected constitutionally. However, anyone who has ever watched Mr. McNabb play ball in highschool in Chicago, collegiately at Syracuse or professionally in Philly, knows that he truly is the real deal. Perhaps other quarterbacks like Akili Smith or Aaron Brooks have been hyped up, but certainly not McNabb, who just last year led his team to the NFC Championship that they lost to the eventual World Champions. And yes, QBs get far too much credit, but it didn't seem to be a problem for Rush when evalutaing the play of Steve Young (who had Jerry Rice, Ricky Watters, Bryant Young, Ken Norton, Steve Romanowski, Deion Sanders, Dana Stubblefield, etc.), Troy Aikman (who had Emmitt Smith, Daryl Johnston, Michael Irvin, Mark Stepnoski, Nate Newton, Jay Novacek, Ken Norton, Leon Lett, Tony Tolbert, Charles Haley, Russell Maryland, Darren Woodson, Deion Sanders, etc.) to name a few. Come on Rush...

My future Hall of Famer...why are you so darn animated every Sunday morning. Take it down a notch killer. And please ESPN, get Mike some actual suits made of natural fibers. I must say by the way, that Josh did predict this whole career move.

Writing this segment hurts the innards of my very being. My beloved Maroon Tigers are now 1-4. Last week however, they beat Johnson C. Smith in style. Young J.D. Washington, son of Academy Award winner Denzel, ran for 242 yards and had a pair of TDs in Morehouse's 39-21 victory in Charlotte. However, back here at B.T. Harvey stadium, replete with new lights (thanks Mr. Washington), the best grass in years, the best band in the land, the finest cheerleaders anywhere, and the most arrogant fans in the world, the fellas can't win a game. Sure it's a blast to go to the game and sit near the Washington family, and yuk it up with your boys and talk junk about the other team, but I kinda got used to winning those games that we're now losing. All I know is, we better win homecoming.

Bill Parcells, we love ya. 'Nuff said. For what you did in September alone, we love ya.

I believe Malcolm said it best when he mentioned the chickens coming home to roost. This situation is not only interestingly humorous, but so ironic that it borders on plain stupidity. No, I don't believe that Bush had anything to do with it, but the embarassment, is more than enough hilarity for me pally.

This past week, I've been in constant communication with my classmates from my high school class of 1993 at the prestigious Lakehill Preparatory School, nestled in the beautifully cozy confines of the Lakewood section of East Dallas. I communicate with class prez Mitch Vaughan, almost daily. He's engaged, and finishing up his Orthodontistry residency in Memphis. This past week, I also spoke with Megan Sweesy (Gilbride). Megan is married and expecting. She was as funny as ever and had me laughing for hours. I'm tracking down others, because I feel it far too important for all of us to be in constant contact. I miss LPS and the wonderful relationships that I forged there.

I love these guys. I absolutely do. NCAA 2004 got me so into this game it's unreal. I still think Coach Brown should start Vince Young, or at least play him more, but man I love this guys from Chance Mock to Vince Young, to Roy Williams to Nate Vasher, gotta love the Horns in '03. Look out Sooners. That Golden Hat is coming back our way.


Words are fruitless and can't possibly do justice to what Outkast has produced and left for the rest of us to decipher. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is musical genius, and if it's not up for album of the year, I'll never take another Grammy show seriously again. This album should win every award that has been created for music, because this album is all music.

"What started as the greatest rap group ever, is now the greatest band in the world..." - GQ Magazine, October 2003

There is a growing concern that I have for those individuals who so badly want to be a part of this thing. This thing is the whole 'Morehouse & Spelman' thing. People who didn't attend Morehouse or SPelman, but who badly wished they had. People who believe that if they hang out with us, they will somehow be a part of this, but they never will. I don't care if you're in our fashion shows, write for our papers, come to our parties, support our athletics, hang out at our houses, if we date you, if you are our brothers and sisters, you're not a part of this thing. The most select group of African Americans in the world. It's worldwide doc. Remember that. This is only our thing, just Morehouse, just Spelman. If you act like you don't know what I'm talking about, you're lying to yourself. We love you Clark Atlanta, FAMU, Fisk, Howard, Hampton, Morris Brown, Tuskegee, but're not a part of this. Our thing is unique. Our thing is often imitated, never duplicated. Our thing is studied. Our thing is emulated. Our thing is coveted. Our thing is misunderstood. Our thing is OUR THING, and most importantly, it's not YOUR THING. You're NOT A PART OF THIS THING.

I'm Joe and this is how I see it.