Friday, January 14, 2005

Me at 20 and Me at 30

My brother ( writes a great piece about how his younger self speaks to his older self. That cracks me up and truly has me in stitches. So...I'm gonna do it here...It won't be nearly as funny as Jordan's, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

Oh, before I forget...quick shoutout to the Osiris of this Blog thing for me Calvin Miles Smith, III aka Tradition. Also a shout out to DJ C Rich aka Animal Thug, Raj Whalen aka Sebastian Valmont and my main man Chuck Price.

So here it goes...basically this is my 20 year old self speaking to my 30 year old self. So the date is January 14th, 1995. The location is the Howard University Plaza Towers West. Apartment 620.

Me at 20: Man, the Cowboys look good. They're gonna win it all this year. 3-peat baby!
Me at 30: Slow down pally. That first quarter might give them trouble.
Me at 20: Whatever man. The Cowboys have outscored everyone in the league in the first quarter. It'll be a clean sweep by the Boys all the way to the Super Bowl!
Me at 30: What if it rains at Candle Stick Park? The field is already pretty messy.
Me at 20: Whatever man.
Me at 30: So, how are your classes?
Me at 20: They're cool. I'm finally really getting into the major, ya know?
Me at 30: How are those other classes outside of the major? Shakespeare, American History, Black Diaspora?
Me at 20: Oh, they'll be cool. It should be smooth sailing. Shakespeare is a breeze, I had it in high school. And I've been to American History a few times.
Me at 30: Did you buy your books and your meal plan?
Me at 20: Sure.
Me at 30: Are you forgetting that I'm you...then?
Me at 20: Then you already know that I bought a few books and cashed in my meal plan.
Me at 30: How's your love life?
Me at 20: Well...I kind dated a girl last semester. It ended crazily though man. I thought it was gonna be something that would last, but in the end, it kinda faded. I'm through with her though man. She's dating some baseball player anyway.
Me at 30: It's probably best that you let that go. Trust me.
Me at 20: How's your love life?
Me at 30: Up until last week, it was pretty tip top. This past week I hit a few bumps in the road, but we should be alright. I mean, I love her very much. But enough about me, how's Dorian, Jimmy, Tim, Benji, Jeff, Ace?
Me at 20: Dorian's cool. Crazy as ever. He studies all the time. He's playing tennis for the team ya know? Anyway, there's a girl on the team who's always smiling at me, LaShawnn. She's cute and a great player. We'll see. I was just playing catch with my new football in the hall with Dorian actually. Ben is smoking cigarettes now. I don't dig that too much. Tim is Tim. Jeff is under the dillusion that the Niners are gonna beat the Cowboys on Sunday. Ace is still with Breon. We don't seem him as much. In fact, he has my tie and my Garth Brooks cd. Braedan still gives the ill free haircuts and Jimmy is crazier than ever too.
Me at 30: Keep in touch with those guys, you're lucky to have them.
Me at 20: Of course.
Me at 30: What about Willy Ray and Tom and Gene?
Me at 20: Ray is crazy, simply put. He now has his apartment all to himself. Tom and Gene are still the coolest cats around. Gene is supposed to pledge Alpha this semester, so we'll see how that works out.
Me at 30: Can you make me a promise man?
Me at 20: Sure, what?
Me at 30: Be true to yourself.
Me at 20: Always. Why did you say that?
Me at 30: Well, the next coupla months aren't going to be easy if you don't buckle down. You've got to go to class man. Don't get suspended, please.
Me at 20: Please relax. I've got this. I hear you though. I truly do. Don't worry.
Me at 30: Okay. By the way, what do you think of guys from Morehouse?
Me at 20: Morehouse...nigga please. That little school down in Atlanta? No, seriously, I guess it's a good school. It's no Howard. I don't think I could ever go there, let alone like it or love it.
Me at 30: Good to know.
Me at 20: Oh, I almost forgot, how does the 3 J's work out with the Mavs? And how many championships will Shaq win in Orlando? Is Pulp Fiction gonna win Best Picture? Can you believe Bush was elected Governor in Texas? And this Newt Gingrich guy is damn annoying.
Me at 30: I wish I could tell you about those things, but you've got to experience them for yourself. But it's gonna be a fun ride.
Me at 20: You know, I was watching the local Fox affiliate, and a woman named Paula Jones, grotesque looking chick, came on talking about a relationship with President Clinton. It'll probably blow over though, right?
Me at 30: Sure...sure it will.
Me at 20: Well, is there anything else?
Me at 30: Stay off the MD 20/20 and call home twice a week. And yes...GO TO CLASS.
Me at 20: That's it?
Me at 30: That's it.
Me at 20: I got it. I'm gone. Mookie from Do the Right Thing.
Me at 30: I know that.
Me at 20: Just checkin' man. Don't be slippin' on the quotes. Later man.
Me at 30: Be safe.
Me at 20: Go Cowboys!


At Wednesday, January 19, 2005 11:43:00 AM , Blogger The Killa Himself aka Ron Mexico said...

That was great man....

My pivotal point in my life was 5th grade I'm convinced.....

I'm gonna wait awhile and then blatently bite this idea with me talking to 10 year old Cal.....


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