Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ranting and Raving

My week started on Monday. Don't most weeks start on Monday? Anyway, it was the national observance for Dr. King's birthday. Having been a student every year this has been a national holiday, I figured that I didn't have to go into work. I was wrong. That's right, Clear Channel Outdoor in ATLANTA, GA of all places, was open for work. I have a variety of feelings about that right now.

Moving on...
Inauguration...President Bush won. Let it go. Democrats, Green Party people, independents, get to work and find a strategy to beat Karl Rove. Don't whine and call for an impeachment, do something about it and win. It's been done before, it can be done again. Get up, get out and do something. I got an email telling me not to spend any money today to boycott the inaguration. Why? If we don't have the inauguration we have anarchy, and then who's going to lead? the Radicals? I think not. Suck it up and do a better job next time. I finally unsubscribed to today. Although I was touched that he was still emailing me, I could care less why he voted against Condoleeza Rice. The conservative pundits sure have been pushing that 'Dr.' title of hers lately haven't they? Just like they did for our favorite judge during the Lewinsky trial. Before all of that, who knew old Ken was a 'Dr.'? It's kind of like a Repulblican badge of validity. Bottom line...shut up Democrats and move on.

Back to the inauguration...I got a call from my good friend Lo Murray. He was at the Black Tie and Boots Ball last night. I wish I were there with him. I imagine the food was good, the conversation was great and the sights were beautiful. Nobody throws a party like giddy Texans, I know, I am one. Tonight, my main man Faraji Whalen is going to an inaugural ball to celebrate the armed services. He has told me that before the night is over, he will meet every African American there, and I believe it.

Oh yes, American Idol is still one of the funniest shows on television. And by the way I was 4-0 with my predictions last week. But they were pretty simple. We'll see how this week's predictions go.

I'm Joe and that's how I see it.


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